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History Of Ride On Cars With Remote Control

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Many people don't realize that kids ride on cars with parental remote control has been available to the public for over 20 years. It's true. I started my business selling mini 2 inch remote control cars on Ebay. You may remember those. The car plugs into the hand held remote and that charges the little car. Then you drive it for about 3 or 4 minutes until the charge runs out, and then repeat the process.
They were super popular and with that I decided I had a business and needed to expand. I did a lot of research to discover 6v Harley Style Motorcycles that kids could ride on, That became another popular item for me. Always searching, I then found a brand new item that just hit the market. It was a Power Wheels type car but it had a parental remote control. So parents could drive it for the kids.
The original remote ride on cars had a switch to put it in remote or manual mode. It was really cool for the time and I sold so many that soon I was a top seller on Ebay. The customers would often ask if the parents could override the manual mode. The manual mode allowed the child to drive for themselves, but unfortunately the answer to the question was "no" the remote would not override the pedal or steering wheel.
I communicated the hopes and dreams of my customers with the manufactures until that feature finally became a practical technology. The next thing requested was multiple remote signals because if you bought two cars, even in different models and colors, one remote controller would make both cars respond the same way. So it wasn't practical to buy two cars for two children in the same home. Again, this was overcome by the creation of a second and then third signal.
All this was fine for the time, but technology will never settle for fine for the time. In fact, it was still a difficult task to please people who had twins and wanted the same car in the same color with two different remote signals so they could be driven at the same time. However within a few years the remote control systems evolved to what we have today which is a remote control device that pairs up to the car allowing hundreds of cars to function in the same arena simultaneously since each had its own dedicated signal.
Back in the day the cars were a little goofy looking, but that to evolved where now you find Licensed cars and trucks that blow the mind of the customers. The most common thing I hear from potential customers now is, "Wow, this car is better than the one I drive."

Take a look at some of the old school cars from the early years of 2001-2010,

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