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Please note that this item can’t ship to a few states. The following states are states we are not able to ship to. These are California, Hawaii, Alaska and PR.


We can ship to all other continental US states. You must provide a physical address.

Regular price:  $650


SVJ Aventador

This is the larger version of this car.  There is a smaller one that sells for less than this, but it isn't even close to what this one is in size ore quality.  We only sell the better one

Kids ride on vehicle with parental remote control.


Colors:  White

Cool Sound System

Working Headlamp Lights


Butterfly Doors Open

Parental Remote Control

Kids Footpedal

Progressive Accelleration

Safety Seatbelt


12volt battery

12volt easy plug in charger

3 speeds



12V Kids Ride On Toy White 328 SVJ Lamborghini with Remote Control

$650.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
Color: White
  • This item has been upgraded to include parts that assist in prolonging the life of the item.  The remote reciever which is the brain of the car that keeps it running has been upgraded to minimize the potential of condensation caused by the rapid change in weather conditions.  We have discovered that this is imperative to the working health of this type of vehicle.  We will always recommend that you do not leave a ride on toy out in the rain or snow in order to minimize moisture from contacting electrical components and wiring. Do not attempt to wash a car with a hose.  Cleaning is best accomplished using dry or damp soft cloth type material.  Most cars are made of a plastic material and some are actually painted.  It is strongly suggested that when you clean your car, your cloth should be dirt and dust free.  

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